Here Goes...

 Well... Here goes for my official first review on BookLikes! Bare with me, please!


I always love a good murder mystery which is why I picked up this book. The premise struck my fancy, I guess you could say. A serial killer seems to have come out of hiding after 20 years. Is it the "Snow White Killer" or a copycat? That is the question.


Normally this is one of my favorite type of books, but I just could not get into this one! It was really a slow read. I felt that details of the book that should have been exciting just weren't. They were more simple statements of fact than "OMG! You aren't going to believe what just happened!" So I slowly read through this book waiting for that moment that never happened. Then towards the last third or so of this book there were a bunch of new details thrown into the mystery that in my opinion just didn't jive. It was like a whole other crime spree made to fit in. But, for me, it fell short. 


So overall, this was an ok read. Would I suggest it to someone else? Maybe, but probably not. Oh well, they can't all be winners.


There! My first review/blog post on here! Not too shabby!